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Small change, big effect!

At the Art Aesthetic Institute, we set new benchmarks by making your individual beauty the radiant gold standard. ​Discover the fascinating before and after pictures and be inspired!

The Art Aesthetic Institute ​and its vision

Our dedicated team strives to gather beauty techniques from different countries ​and therefore also offer Austria the opportunity to present and prove itself.

The Finest Art of Aesthetic

The team

Our team works with the latest technologies and methods to achieve gentle, safe and natural results.

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Wrinkle treatment (face, neck, décolleté, hands) with Botox and Neauvia filler*.

Lip injections*

Eye bags correction*

Nose and chin correction*

Thread lifting, Jawline

Cheek correction | Nasolabial folds*

Butt Lift with special hyaluron products


Laser treatment with Laser-Me**

* Neauvia fillers are currently the highest quality products for a wide range of indications.

** Latest technology for skin renewal, highly effective with minimal downtime.

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For Men

Our experienced specialists are also available to provide men with comprehensive advice and compassionate care to help you achieve the best result.

Have a look for yourself!

We focus on natural beauty. We offer products that lead to a fresh and natural-looking appearance. At the Art Aesthetic Institute, we aim to establish individual beauty as the gold standard.

Our satisfied clients

Since my treatment with Dr Creixell, I receive a lot of wonderful compliments. Having a treatment with such a natural result makes my day! I will never change this talented doctor again.

Ms N.

By far the best and most competent beauty clinic in Vienna!

S. Schmidt

Great practice, amazing atmosphere and fantastic support. I can recommend the Botox and Hyaluron treatments. At first I was a bit scared of the injection, but the doctor takes his time, is honest and explains the procedure in detail. You can see an immediate effect after the treatment, it doesn't look done, it just looks fresher and younger. I will definitely come back!


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You can easily book a consultation appointment by phone or email. We will then analyse your concerns and choose the right treatment option together!